General Terms and Conditions

A. General provisions
The following general provisions apply to the entire range of services offered by Sportcenter Stork AG. The provisions in
Chapters B, C and D, which may contradict the "General Provisions", take precedence.
1. Formation of the contract
A contract shall be concluded between Stork AG ("Stork") and the customer as soon as Stork has confirmed a booking
request in writing, electronically or verbally.
If the customer does not immediately reject this confirmation, these conditions shall be deemed to have been approved.
2. Prices
Our prices are generally inclusive of the value-added tax.
The price list for our entire range is available at Prices are subject to change at any time. The
date of the confirmed booking is decisive for the applicable price of a service.
Discounts granted by Stork are not cumulative. The highest discount applies.
3. Failure or postponement of confirmed bookings
Confirmed tennis and squash courts can be cancelled free of charge up to 24 hours before the start of the game. Later
cancellations will be billed.
As far as it is operationally possible, already confirmed bookings can be postponed or transferred to a third-party user.
Stork's contractual partner shall in any case remain the person originally booked.
Should Stork cancel its own bookings, the customer has the option to cancel or postpone the cancelled booking.
4. Invoicing
Individual bookings as well as shop purchases are to be settled in cash or by means of electronic payment. Insofar as other
services are invoiced by Stork, payments are due within 30 days of issuance. In the case of a later payment, a default
interest of 5% shall be charged.
5. Insurance of the participant
The customer uses the Stork facilities at his/her own risk. It is the duty of the customer to insure him/herself properly
against accidents and their consequences.
6. Court reservation
The customer has no claim to the allocation of a certain court. Stork considers customer requests when feasible, but can
change the allocation of a court at any time, even in the short-term. The customer is not entitled to any reimbursement or
compensation for such changes.
7. Usage of the parking spaces
Parking spaces are only available to customers and visitors for the duration of their stay at Stork.
Cars should not exceed a speed limit of 10 km/h on the premises (children).
8. Behavior in the sports center
The house rules adopted by the management are to be observed. Customers who do not comply with these rules can be
excluded from the use of the sports center for a limited or an indefinite period of time.
9. Liability issues
No valuables may be left in the dressingroom or unattended. Purses or valuables can be deposited in a sealed envelope
for the duration of the stay at the reception. Stork will not be liable for lost or stolen items.
Visitors who cause damage or contamination to the facilities are fully liable for their repair.
10. Complaints
Stork is always receptive to objective criticism. This should be addressed verbally to a member of the management
(management or Head of Academy) or in writing to
11. Jurisdiction
The responsible courts for Oetwil am See will preside over all disputes between Stork and its customers.

B. Special provisions for the Tennis Academy
1. Booking of semester courses (autumn & spring)
Registration for semester courses must be submitted in writing only.
The course invoice is valid as a confirmation of registration.
The courses of the tennis academy are held in groups of 3 or 4. In the composition of the groups and the time of
implementation, customer wishes are taken into account as far as this is organizationally possible and the lesson quality is
not affected thereby.
Included in the price of the course are the costs for coaches, balls, court rental, test rackets and other training materials.
The semester courses take place weekly. Exceptions (holidays, etc.) are listed on the course invoice.
The scope of the course (number of course units) will be announced with the course invoice.
Lessons during the semester courses last 60 minutes. As far as all group members so wish, the lesson period can be
extended to 90 or 120 minutes. The duration of the lesson is valid for the entire course.
Participants in semester courses are not entitled to the choice of a certain tennis instructor, except for private lessons. The
particular tennis instructor will be announced with the invoice. Subsequent changes for operational or organizational
reasons are expressly reserved.
If group courses are led in groups of two (semi-private lessons) or in the form of individual classes (private lessons), prices
increase according to the price list.
Insofar as management accepts a change subsequently to the confirmed course booking, a lump sum fee of CHF 100 will
be charged.
2. Stork passes and semester courses
The Storkpass does not entitle the holder to benefits of any kind within the framework of semester courses.
3. Liability
The parents of underage children are responsible in their transportation. Stork does not assume any responsibility for the
care or transportation of unaccompanied students. Children who are unable to travel alone due to their age or for other
reasons should be accompanied to the lessons.
4. Reporting
A written summary of progress shall be prepared for each student; this will be given to the player at the end of the course
and briefly discussed by the responsible tennis instructor.
5. Payment of the semester courses
Courses must be paid within 30 days of issuance of invoice. With the written consent of Stork, payments may be made,
free of charge, in two installments.
If the course fee is not paid in due time and a second unsuccessful reminder has followed, the participant can be excluded
from this course until full settlement of the invoice. Such missing hours will, in no case, cause a reduction in the course fee
or a make-up of the lessons.
6. Failure of lessons during the course
If a participant fails to attend a class, for whatever reason, this absence does not entitle him/her to a reimbursement of
the lesson or a make-up lesson.
There is the possibility for the participant to insure against contingency risk (, costs: 4% of the invoice
7. Retreat
After the invoice has been sent, changes in the lesson plan or course cancellations are no longer possible from the
customer’s side. If a participant renounces any further participation in a current course for any reason whatsoever, no
claim to reimbursement shall result.
8. Playing opportunity for our squad players
Children, who take at least two semester courses, can reserve courts for CHF 20 per hour during the course if there is a
court available. If the court is reserved by children who are not attending a semester course, the court fee increases by
CHF 5 per person per hour.
This offer is valid only for spontaneous bookings in person; reservations are not possible. Court availability is updated on
the homepage of Stork.
9. Special rules for courses on the basis of private lessons
If the participant attends the course in the form of private lessons, a maximum of two lessons can be made up, for
whatever reason, to the extent that Stork is informed of the cancellation at least 24 hours before the lesson starts.
If the make-up lesson is not possible for operational reasons, a refund of up to 2 lessons will be given at the end of the

C. Special provisions for permanent-court reservations
1. Definition of a permanent-court
Registration for the permanent-court must be submitted in writing only.
A permanent court is a court or a squash box, which is exclusively available to the customer on a weekly basis for a
particular time period for the duration of a season.
The permanent-space rental includes only the usage at a certain time, but not the usage of a certain spot.
The rental agreement can be arranged for an outdoor court, a covered sand court or an indoor court. The booking of a
fixed spot is generally binding for the whole season.
2. Regulation in case of non-use
The non-use of the place, for whatever reason, will in no case lead to any compensation or substitute claims. However, a
maximum of two hours may be postponed as far as Stork is notified of the cancellation at least 24 hours prior to the start
of the lesson and Stork has vacancies.
The tenant has, after notification to Stork, the right to transfer the leased space to a third party.
If Stork is unable to provide a fixed spot for operational reasons, the renter may receive, as preferred, either a
reimbursement or a rebooking.
The management reserves the right to use courts for special events (tournaments, events). All permanent tenants will be
informed in advance and will receive an equivalent playing time.
D. Special rules for tournaments
1. Validity of the regulations of Swiss Tennis
For all tournaments taking place at Stork, the respective regulations of Swiss Tennis apply without restriction.
At least one official is present at each tournament for the entire duration. His/Her instructions for the tournament must
be complied with at all times and by all parties involved.
Violations of the tournament regulations may be reported to Swiss Tennis.
2. Household rules of Stork
Stork may issue additional instructions for all tournament participants and their accompanying persons at any time. If
these are not followed, a temporary or indefinite ban may be issued after a warning from Stork.
3. Special requirements
During tournaments, only the players, the referees and the staff of Stork may be present on the courts. Outdoors,
spectators shall remain only in the assigned spectator areas.
Any influence on the game or the players is forbidden without exception.

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